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Welcome to Lighthouse Media Group!!  Our company was established to help small and large businesses with graphic design, marketing, and advertising needs.  We offer graphic design services and provide you with the final files needed for both digital and print advertising.  We also provide assistance in development of various types of media development including logos, ad compilation, ad development, website content, brochures, postcards, t-shirts, hats, signage, vehicle decals, and social media advertising campaigns.

In addition, we offer certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Quality Assurance and Release Management services for Information Technology projects for e-commerce, client-based, portal development and associated hardware and software deployments.

Lighthouse Media Group

Established to help support small and large business with marketing, advertising, social media, and related advertising strategy.

We can help with various types of logo development, ad compilation, content creation, signage, marketing campaigns, apparel development, coffee mugs, handbags, and other applications.